About the Three Lakes Community Foundation

Dear Three Lakes Stakeholder:

We invite you to get to know your community-wide resource and to participate in positive steps forward for this Three Lakes area that means so much to us all.

The Three Lakes Community Foundation is here to serve the entire community.

Whether you are a resident, a member of a family owning property in the Three Lakes area, a local worker or a friend, we all need to be stewards of the Three Lakes community, to ensure the town’s long-term health and resilience.

We are all about community-building, fostering the process of economic development and creating job opportunities. Through Three Lakes schools we provide continual support for our youth and encourage lifelong learning opportunities. Protecting our environment, including the treasured natural resources of our lakes and forests, is essential. Reinforcing local institutions and non-profits and supporting major projects is a priority. There are many areas in which the Three Lakes Community Foundation serves as a catalyst and facilitator for commonly agreed upon initiatives.

Think of us as a personal service organization designed to guide and fulfill your philanthropic interests. We are a trusted custodian of community funds using a wide range of financial vehicles under our non-profit 501(c)(3) umbrella. Oversight responsibility is conducted by the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin.

We are a grant maker supporting a wide array of community needs. Two grant applications are located under the Grants tab.

Think of us as a permanent partner that listens to all community voices and works in a non-partisan way to respond to changing circumstances and needs throughout time. The Three Lakes Community Board of Directors, composed of volunteers with a variety of business and educational backgrounds, meets throughout the year with a united interest in benefiting Three Lakes. Our guiding values include transparency, research, unity and engagement.

Personal consultations are easily arranged. The above Contact Us page will direct any questions to a member of the board of directors.

So, please keep your Three Lakes Community Foundation in mind.

Thank you!
Your Board of Directors
– Connecting the chain of possibilities –